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Journey to the digital world has no limits

The world's first photograph was taken by Joseph Nicéphore Niépce in 1826, leaving its mark on history and made the first step towards journey that has no limits.

Since that time, technology has advanced exponentially and led us to a point in which we can use photographs to perfectly scan a physical object so that it's no longer affected by the physical  world boundaries.

As WDW we want to connect and bridge the real world to the virtual using photogrammetry, and leave our mark on the history.

With great pleasure, we present to you the fourth and final view into our work before the great unveil that will happen on 17th of October at Future Blockchain Summit 2021 in Dubai.

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Human mind as a part of technology

We are building the bridge between the real world and the digital world.

200 Sony Cameras
1 500 Meters of Wiring
20 Powerful Computer Units
1 000 kg of Carefully Designed Aluminum Construction

But most importantly countless hours of conceptualising, planning, analysing and execution of our team.

We wanted to share with you the third look into our WDW Workshop. Today we provide you with a lot more details about our scanner.

Human kind didn’t get to colonize other planets, however here at WDW we are putting all of our energy into colonizing the Digital Space.

We believe that It can only be achieved by coupling the power of human mind with the most disruptive and innovative technology known to man.

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CAMERAS – heart of photogrammetry in WOLF DIGITAL WORLD

It’s with great pleasure that we provide you the second look inside the WDW workshop. This video shows the heart of photogrammetry and our scanner - professional cameras. These devices allow us to capture images in a fraction of a second, and then transform them into a three-dimensional model. Cameras are a bridge between the real world and the digital world and allow you to convert a real object to a digital one. This allows us to see what we normally cannot see through too many stimuli reaching our eyes simultaneously. Stay tuned!

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Every single photo represents a fragment of reality.

It’s with great pleasure that we provide you the first look inside the WDW workshop, where we're engineering the most advanced photogrammetric technologies in the world - creating avatars and digital objects.

The secret is in the details, quite simply, precision and quality. By focusing on the best of the best, we're creating a unique device that connects the real world with the digital world.

Today's video shows the complex construction that is the foundation of our scanner.

We know you have a lot of questions, but exploring the new world takes time and patience, as it is a world yet to be fully discovered.

This exact scanner will premiere in all of its glory 4 weeks from now in Dubai. In the next update, we will present to you the heart of our photogrammetric scanner. For today, however, we hope the skeleton will satisfy your curiosity.

Wolf Digital World Team

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Photogrammetry powered by Sony Imaging Technology

We are extremely proud and excited to be creating Wolf Digital World (WDW) devices with Sony Imaging Technology. Together, we are building the most advanced photogrammetric scanner in the world, utilizing cutting-edge solutions from Sony. Rest assured, this is just the beginning. We will keep you up to date on further developments of our partnership as they unfold.